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Web - HTML metadata image size with open graph...etc

Web - HTML metadata image size with open graph...etc

HTML use some meta tag for SEO, social media or App link...

List some limit with image size or logo size

Facebook open graph

Refers - Images in Link Shares

  • The minimum allowed image dimension is 200 x 200 pixels.
  • The size of the image file must not exceed 8 MB.
  • Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. At the minimum, you should use images that are 600 x 315 pixels to display link page posts with larger images.

Twitter card

A URL to a unique image representing the content of the page. You should not use a generic image such as your website logo, author photo, or other image that spans multiple pages. Images for this Card support an aspect ratio of 1:1 with minimum dimensions of 144x144 or maximum of 4096x4096 pixels. Images must be less than 5MB in size. The image will be cropped to a square on all platforms. JPG, PNG, WEBP and GIF formats are supported. Only the first frame of an animated GIF will be used. SVG is not supported.

Refers - Optimize Tweets with Cards


No limit

Refers - Rich Pins


  • The image must be 112x112px, at minimum.
  • The image URL must be crawlable and indexable.
  • The image must be in .jpg, .png, or. gif format.

Refers - Logo  |  Search  |  Google Developers


Use 600x350 or 1200x630 PNG or JPG

If use for other type

Can reference Google developer Structured data


The Open Graph protocol

Some tip: The Facebook Crawler

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